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As you can see from the title, our portal is devoted to one of the best modern real-time historical strategies, been found on the European wars XVII-XVIII centuries Cossacks from GSC Game World company. On its pages is situated all the necessary information about this game, and also the means of intercourse between the players, called as cossackers'.

The idea of creation of the portal arose in the age of decadence of the cossackers' clan movement. In order not to commit the definitive fading of the movement the two most popular Cossacks' clans [-WAP-] and [Kiev] decided to unite their resources and to create one powerful game portal. Survive and Win!

In the present time Cossackers Net is an official representation of already called clans and in the nearest future is waiting for the replenishment of its rows.

The main aims of the portal are at first the further popularization of the Cyber sport and particularly the Cossacks game, realization of joint championships, either virtual, or real, and also the accommodation of detailed information about the game on the pages of one web-site. Detached project is a publication and collection of historical materials about the period XVII-XVIII centuries with special emphasis on the history of Ukrainian and Russian Cossacks.

We wish you to have a good time on the pages of Cossackers Net!...


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